Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an easy-to-use online invoicing and accounting business management solution that supports small, growing businesses. It’s simple and efficient, giving small businesses the freedom to focus on the areas of their business that they enjoy.

Why choose Sage Business Cloud Accounting?


Online accounting and payroll could not be simpler. Written in easy-to-understand, everyday language – anyone can use it.


Has never been this easy. Create professional quotes and invoices in a flash.

Automatic Bank Feeds:

Do you spend hours capturing bank statements? Bank feeds allow you to link your bank account to Sage Business Cloud Accounting for bank transactions that are updated every day.


Because your data is online, it’s always secure. No backups required. Plus, our password encryption is world-class.


Nothing is more important than knowing your business is on track.
With customisable dashboards, gain
instant insight into how your business is performing.


Set up budgets and compare them to real-world business performance.


Hosted entirely online, access your software and data from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection.

Get paid faster:

Easily manage customers and suppliers and get paid faster with the Customer Zone self-service tool.

Data Import:

You can import master file information such as Customers, Suppliers and Items.

Why Sage Business Cloud Accounting is Better

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has some unique features and add-on modules which set it apart from other online accounting software packages.

Unique features available at no additional cost:

Additional (paid for) modules:

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting is developed by a local team who understand the South Africa market exceptionally well. It is also significantly cheaper than other online software solutions, offering advanced reporting capabilities and seamless integration with Sage Cloud Payroll, allowing you to manage your business end-to-end.

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