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Sage business management solution for organisations that are functionally structured around specialist teams and departments, looking to reduce admin, take care of accounting and increase profits with an exceptional ROI.

Sage 200 Evolution

Sage 200 Evolution is a powerful, holistic integrated management solution for medium to large enterprises, based on Sage’s years of experience in software development and thousands of businesses using the Sage 200 Evolution product.

The Sage 200 Evolution software is both intuitive and easy to use with short turnaround times to deploy. Your business can easily find skilled staff proficient in using the software because Sage is widely used by thousands of clients therefore the resource pool is bigger. Sage 200 Evolution gives you the ability to control your business by bringing all aspects of your operating environment into one complete business management solution.

The Sage 200 Evolution core boosts a complete solution to manage all your Accounting, Customer, Supplier and Inventory requirements, as well as manage your relationship with customers and suppliers. Included in the core of Sage 200 Evolution are the following modules: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Alert Management, Audit Tool, Cash Book, Import Cost Allocations, Inventory Control, Inventory Issue, Inventory Optimisation, Invoicing, Project Tracking, Report Writer & Stationery Customisation, Sales & Purchase Order Entry, System Audit Manager, Unit of Measure, Goods Received Voucher, Advanced Security, Graphs, Microsoft® Office Integration, Tax Module, Delivery Manager, Annuity Billing, Credit Risk Management, Pricing Matrix, Sage Evolution CRM Standard and Bank Manager.

Add-on modules
Sage 200 Evolution has a range of add-on modules that cater for industry specific needs. The modules seamlessly integrate with Sage 200 Evolution’s core financials, are cost-effective and can be rapidly deployed

Intelligence Reporting
Sage 200 Evolution Intelligence Reporting allows you to manipulate data in any way you need. Design specialised reports that give you a competitive edge. See trends in your business that would otherwise be difficult to recognise. Slice and dice data through “what-if” scenarios enabling you to run ideas through your financials.

Priced from R 25 476 for a single user package

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Freedom of Choice

Keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible with our flexible solution that allows you to select the best edition, modules, deployment method and payment options for your business.

Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud (formerly known as Sage ERP Accpac) goes beyond the ordinary ERP solution you have become accustomed to. The technology and processes have evolved to create a streamlined, efficient cloud-based solution for medium to large companies with true web screen interfaces. Sage 300cloud offers your business anytime, anywhere, and on any-device, access to business and transactional data, critical to supporting an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed business.
The Sage 300 cloud software solution ships out with a strong robust core that will allow your business to have access to an accurate, real-time understanding of your financial position, whether it’s cash flow, receivables, or payables across multiple locations, companies, currencies and international borders. Modules in the core include: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, System Manager with Bank Reconciliation for Cash Management, Multiple Language and Localisation Support, Multi-Currency Manager, G/L Consolidations, Inter-Company Transactions, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Order Entry, Standard Crystal Reports®, Inquiry Tools, Financial Reporter (FR), Alerts, Business Intelligence

Core Accounting modules
Sage 300cloud Core Accounting modules help businesses succeed by accurately presenting valuable financial information in a clear, understandable format. Easily manage global commerce across multiple companies or subsidiaries. No matter where you do business, maximise your international insight and exchange information worldwide with Sage 300cloud Multicompany and Global Operations Management as part of its core.

Integrate disparate processes
Sage 300cloud allows your business to integrate disparate processes across multiple warehouses, inventory, production, and service departments with faster, more accurate fulfilment, satisfied customers, quicker payments, and increased profitability and productivity. Your business can manage and keep projects on schedule, within budget with flexible estimating, tracking, and project billing in Sage 300cloud. All costs, payables, and receivables can roll up to each area of the project, with the ability to allocate, overheads, equipment, and materials to ensure the project is on time and on budget.

Intuitive wizards
Sage 300cloud is easy to set up and use, with intuitive wizards and a familiar interface that make configuration and navigation a breeze. Fulfil unique tracking and reporting requirements with the ability to add optional fields and capabilities. Define unlimited text, amount, date, time, integer, number and yes/no optional fields for use in all Sage 300cloud applications.

Total cost of ownership
Sage 300cloud, allows your business to have the total cost of ownership as low as possible with our flexible solution that allows you to select the best edition, modules, deployment method and payment options for your business.

Pricing available upon request

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